PERDITA – A lost Child

PERDITA – A Lost Child





Older than time itself.  Hidden in ancient tales and writings.  Fulfilled by a child?


An Adventure

Facing danger, hazards, and complete annihilation our friends suffer the pain of separation. All the while striving to escape the evil pursuing them.


Timeless Romance

An integral part in the prophecy, is a hidden mystery.  An ancient love story where love finds home. But is it the right love?  The right home?


And Promises

Based on an ancient prophecy.  Promises of a future?  Provision?  Love?  A prophecy as old as history itself.



The unavoidable conflict, the epic final confrontation between good and evil, is that the end?


Journey with Perdita through an apocalyptic world, looking for home.


A mystery older than time.

Is the ancient prophecy true?

 How does it affect the lost child?

A princess – is running for her life.  A father fights for everything he loves, and a mother is desolated by loss and failure.  And hope? What of hope?

A king who loves his people, and the usurper who plans to steal everything?  And the son?  Is he the key to it all?

Perdita – Who are you? Why is the enemy so intent on destroying you?



Perdita – A Lost Child 

The story of Paul, Beatrice, and their daughter Johanna, and a lost child – Perdita.  You will also meet Consuela, Halil, and Jocasa, as well as all their friends and the enemies pursuing them.  


Our friends travel and confront great challenges -struggling against the one set on their destruction.  An ancient prophecy, mystical beings, mysteries hidden from the ages, and a timeless love story, all completing the epic tale…


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