PERDITA – A lost Child




 Most characters have a name the meaning of which is directly tied to their part in the story.

Johanna –  Johanna (means Beloved)

Beatrice – Johanna’s birth mother – (Traveler)

Paul – Johanna’s birth father – (Humble)

Consuela – the friend who see them and guides them through all the difficulties, overseeing Johanna/Perdita through the difficulties she experiences- finding home.  (Comforter)

Jocosa – Johanna/Perdita’s adopted mother – (Merry)

Perdita – Perdita (means Lost Child. )

Berengar – the adopted father ( Bear)

Caelestis – King and country – (Of the sky, Heavenly)

Mikel – Michael – (Archangel of War)

Gabbi – for Gabriel – (Angel- messenger) or in our case – keeper of the message

Babur –  (Lion)

Faivish –   (Bright, Pure)

Klahan – (Brave)

Xiang –  (To Soar – Auspicious)

Halil  – (Friend)

Benigo – (Kind, Friendly)

Fortunato – (Happy, Blessed)

Jabir – (Comforter)

Ettore – (Holding Fast)

Ryder – (Mounted Warrior)

Hyong – (Older Brother, Uncle)

Balendin – ( Strong, Brave, Valiant)

Karsten – (Chosen One)

Seok  – (Rock)

Adah -(Adornment)

Abbe -(Nobel)


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