PERDITA – A lost Child

Our Mistakes



“But surely ye know, no one goes to Jasper Isle from Babur’s lands, these days.” He said mockingly.

“Then where are you taking us”, true hysteria was starting to take hold of Beatrice now.  Jumping up, in the dark she was trying to reach the man, and Consuela, still holding Johanna, jumped up to grab hold of her, to stop her, and try to calm her…

Beatrice in utter horror shrank as far back into the side of the boat as possible, whimpering “My baby, my baby!”  One of the other men crowding around grabbed him before he hit her saying, “Oh no ye don’t.  Don’t go spoilin’ her or we won’t get good money.”  As they pulled the man back and left her lay there.  Then they started looking for Consuela, and she told them then, “They are gone.  My baby and Consuela are gone.”

They were very soon at the shore, and Beatrice followed their instructions soundlessly and without reaction, as they bundled her hands behind her back and pulled her through the streets of a dark town to a building near the docks.  Inside they sat her beside a wall and she sat unresisting while they had their mead and talked of the coin they would receive for the young woman.  It did not matter to her now, if she lived or died; only that Johanna was lost in the dark waters.