PERDITA – A lost Child

Author – Dreamer – Creating New Worlds

Tina Steele Penn – is a teaching artist living in North Carolina.

Tina loves the written word and enjoys storytelling.

Tina teaches visual and performance art privately and writes for her own enjoyment. She has taught art extensively in communities of the memory impaired. She is an avid web designer and communicates her feelings through her own artistic expression in song, painting and writing. “Perdita”, is her first full length novel.

Raised in a home with a sibling with very challenging needs, Tina’s parents sacrificed their entire lives, moving constantly from place to place seeking the best care for their children. She learned from them how to survive in all circumstances, how to depend on her faith in the midst of difficulties, and how to look to the future – creatively. In college Tina studied Voice, Visual Art and Journalism, and then settled into life as a mother of three children, who are now adults and all following their own quests – leaving her to once again to follow her dreams.

Tina is a dreamer at heart. She hopes to take her listener with her on her excursions into new places, whether it be into the painting, or rising above the world in song, or finding new realms in the spoken and written word..

Tina has a blog at  and her artwork can be seen at ,


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