PERDITA – A lost Child

Chapter One: The Crime The night had fallen gently on the sleepy kingdom following a day that had been bright and peaceful. The fields had been mown, the bread had been baked, the floors swept and the linens aired. The soft breeze whispered that tomorrow would be bright and shining as well. The servants of the High […]

Characters:  Most characters have a name the meaning of which is directly tied to their part in the story.  While they are not described in the story by their name’s meaning, they are here!  The Young Prince Johanna – Johanna (means Beloved) Beatrice – Johanna’s birth mother – (Traveler)     –      Paul – Johanna’s birth father […]

Tina Steele Penn – is a teaching artist living in North Carolina. Tina loves the written word and enjoys storytelling. Tina teaches visual and performance art privately and writes for her own enjoyment. She has taught art extensively in communities of the memory impaired. She is an avid web designer and communicates her feelings through her own […]

Fairytale meets Pilgrim’s Progress.   Bad things begin to happen when vassal to the High King, Babur’s ambition grows.  Our characters each have to choose which side to serve, to their betterment, or destruction. We follow their journey as they travel sustained by hopes and promises – toward home.  Purchase – Kindle or large print Softcover Paul […]