PERDITA – A lost Child

Good News!   “Perdita – A Lost Child” is available on Kindle! Read for free if you are a Kindle member Or purchase permanently for $2.99 From Part 1 – The Crime “The fire was started in a corner of the stable. Slowly, insidiously, like a malignant virus, smoke seeped up the walls, along the floors, under the […]

Sometimes it seems like all our plans for even basic survival just don’t work out.  We work hard. Do the RIGHT things.  And still face an uphill battle.  And it isn’t our fault. That is what happened to Paul and Beatrice and their sweet babe.  To be honest – Evil simply entered their quiet “self-sustaining” lives. From […]

The young prince is kidnapped, but not for ransom.  Babur is executing his plan.  He really couldn’t be happier.

In the quiet and solitude of a peaceful evening here in the Kingdom of Caelestis, the king’s family is relaxing from their endeavors, But below in the deepening shadows evil creeps silently, maliciously, into the great house. The ones in the shadows have come for only one thing – The greatest treasure of Caelestis, the young prince.

Yes, Paul had been the Field Marshall for Babur.  But he had single handedly delivered the young prince home to his father, the king of Caelestis.  That one deed gave him a place at the king’s table, and adoption into the king’s family. He served in the Caelestis’ Army some years until he married and withdrew to […]

    “But surely ye know, no one goes to Jasper Isle from Babur’s lands, these days.” He said mockingly. “Then where are you taking us”, true hysteria was starting to take hold of Beatrice now.  Jumping up, in the dark she was trying to reach the man, and Consuela, still holding Johanna, jumped up to grab […]