PERDITA – A lost Child

It’s all about…

Fairytale meets Pilgrim’s Progress.  

Bad things begin to happen when vassal to the High King, Babur’s ambition grows.  Our characters each have to choose which side to serve, to their betterment, or destruction. We follow their journey as they travel sustained by hopes and promises – toward home.  Purchase – Kindle or large print Softcover

Paul and Beatrice,

With their little Johanna, are forced from their home and become separated in their journey to the city and protection of the High King.  We chronicle the journeys they each must take through peril and hardship to find home again.


Goes to join the fight against the traitor. Along the way he learns that a warrior does not fight best alone, but with friendship without requirements, the help of strangers and unexpected encouragement in difficult times.


Because of her stubbornness in not following her guide, loses her precious daughter Johanna. We sympathize with her as she learns to find her own freedom from devastating guilt, to trust in the promises she has been given, to believe she is not forgotten and that she will find her way home.


Born in a storybook cottage to valiant parents and the object of a prophecy regarding the future of the realm, is torn from her home and safety.  Because she is affianced to the son of the High King, she becomes the center obsession of the malevolent traitor. He will possess her at all costs to his people and kingdom.

In her new life, Johanna becomes, Perdita, a lost child who is adopted into a strange new family. Perdita comes of age at a time in the kingdom as events grow to their apocalyptic climax. But she is not forgotten, or truly lost. Her guide and friend that has never left her and we follow her steps as she finds home and her family in spite of the perilous forces of evil thrown against her.  Purchase – Kindle or large print Softcover


Finding a child on her doorstep, raises her as her own.  Perdita is her greatest joy in an otherwise plain and thankless existence.  But through her faithfulness towards the child and her bravery in facing the accompanying challenges she too finds a home she never thought possible.


Is the constant friend, encourager and guide to the lonely travelers.

Traveling through a world where the very elements are a threat, Perdita learns not only how to love and be loved but also to value who she is as an adventurer and warrior, and who she is truly meant to be, the bride of the High King!  Purchase – Kindle or large print Softcover


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