PERDITA – A lost Child

Faithful Warrior – Paul of Caelestis from “Perdita a Lost Child”

Yes, Paul had been the Field Marshall for Babur.  But he had single handedly delivered the young prince home to his father, the king of Caelestis.  That one deed gave him a place at the king’s table, and adoption into the king’s family.

He served in the Caelestis’ Army some years until he married and withdrew to a distant province to settle down and enjoy his new family of a wife and daughter.  They lived in an idyllic cottage, in the quiet community happily persuing peace and contentment.  but the world changes.

As time passes the world turns completely around and sometimes – upside down.

Paul and Beatrice knew danger when they saw it.  Babur was encroaching on their world.  Paul knew, that while there was peace in Paceland now, it would be short-lived if Evil was intent on engulfing them.  Paul would have to go and fight.  He put his fears behind him and began his journey to Caelestis to inform the king, and join the fight.  The trip would brake his heart and test his very soul.

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