PERDITA – A lost Child

Plans – Sometimes, especially in the BAD times, just don’t work out!

Sometimes it seems like all our plans for even basic survival just don’t work out.  We work hard. Do the RIGHT things.  And still face an uphill battle.  And it isn’t our fault.

That is what happened to Paul and Beatrice and their sweet babe.  To be honest – Evil simply entered their quiet “self-sustaining” lives.

Picture of Paul and Beatrice from the book "Perdita a Lost Child"
Paul and Beatrice – Paul the Faithful Warrior -> Book Trailer

From “Perdita – A Lost Child”

“King Babur is now annexing this kingdom of Pace previously belonging to Caelestis into his own kingdom. All the citizens will be counted, numbered and given a token representing his citizenship in the Kingdom of Babur.  Each citizen with a token will be given special privileges in the marketplace, and in the Sacred Places, and with the Healers.   You will receive greater distributions from the taxes from King Babur himself.  You will become members of his kingdom and special constituents of his household.  Come to the marketplace on the morning after the next new moon to receive your token. “


Much excitement ensued.  It was true then.  King Babur was taking over the land where they lived from that distant and thoughtless King Caelestis.  Everyone was excited.  There were to be parties and celebrations.  A new day was dawning.

That evening Consuela sat after supper with Paul and Beatrice and told them what she had heard in the market square.  Paul shook his head and laid it down in his hands.  “It would be a big mistake”, he said “to think that all the things Babur promised would be true. Not only that, it would be treasonous to take the token and promise allegiance to Babur.  We have sworn fealty to our king who has always shielded us and provided us with peace and safety.”  They were all in agreement, so they went to bed and slept the calm sleep of the decided.”