Perdita – A Lost Child, an analogy for our times !

Like all great stories – “Perdita – A Lost Child” is about love and betrayal.  Friendship and loyalty.  Faithfulness and testing. It is a story about living, suffering, and perhaps, for some, survival. So many things happen to our friends as we go deeper into the story!

As we look further we watch the two young children growing up in their separate worlds.  Facing dangers and fears.  Loss and survival.  In the end, how will they a home and their family?


As we see all the characters playing their parts – pulling at our hearts, we will enter deeply into the pages. We will watch, breathless as they face their fears, and who it is they will serve!  Whether they choose good or evil?  What will happen when, they trust the wrong people?  When they choose the wrong path?

Perhaps there will be one to solve all the difficulties?  Could that be  the hero?  Then what happens if the hero isn’t even there?  Or perhaps we look instead for the heroine to change everything!

And that brings us to Consuela, our little girl’s helper and guide?  But how will she help when we have lost her?

And what about Jocosa?  What about the poor lonely woman who finds and adopts a baby girl?  After all that what happens to her if the child finds her home?

And what of the friends, Halil, Benigo, or Jabir?  Who will be the one to rescue our lost ones? How will they find homr?

The World in Chaos

After all that they go through and then their world dissolving around them, can our faithful few really survive?  Since people are turning on them because they think and believe differently, look different from them and speak differently from the official plan. How will they find hope?

Ultimately does it matter that we come from a heart of love?  Of peace?  Of honor?   Will these things protect us when everything around us is falling around our ears destroying all that we have known and cared for?

What about the Warrior?

The child?

And the theft?

Who will we trust when the enemy decides we must serve Babur and only Babur?

Are we lost too?

How will we find home again?

Hope again?

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A princess – is running for her life.  A father fights for everything he loves, and a mother is desolated by loss and failure.  And hope? What of hope?

A king who loves his people, and the usurper who plans to steal everything?  And the son?  Is he the key to it all?

Perdita – Who are you? Why is the enemy so intent on destroying you?

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Perdita – A Lost Child 

The story begins with the kidnapping of the young prince, son of the High King.

Our story is about Paul, Beatrice, their daughter Johanna, and a lost child – Perdita.  You will also meet Consuela, Halil, and Jocasa, as well as all their friends and the enemies pursuing them.  

Our friends travel and confront great challenges -struggling against the one set on their destruction.  An ancient prophecy, mystical beings, mysteries hidden from the ages, and a timeless love story, all completing the epic tale…



Older than time itself.  Hidden in ancient tales and writings.  Fulfilled by a child?


An Adventure

Facing danger, hazards, and complete annihilation our friends suffer the pain of separation. All the while striving to escape the evil pursuing them.


Timeless Romance

An integral part in the prophecy, is a hidden mystery.  An ancient love story where love finds home. But is it the right love?  The right home?

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